Friends of the Table Tapper®:

Recently we exhibited our product at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, IL. We had a wonderful time meeting all of you and had a great response to our product. For those of you that were kind enough to stop by our display booth and chat, we thank you for your time. Many of you offered your badge for scanning and asked us to send information or to contact you. We have made a great effort to contact each and every one of you.

However, we would like to inform you that our lead retrieval information has been obtained illegally by a competitor of ours, The Drink Tower and Chad Baker, its owner. He has gone as far as to set up an email account using our company name with the email address being tabletapper@hotmail.com. THIS IS NOT US! If you received an email or have corresponded with such an address, we ask that you no longer continue communication with them and urge you to contact our customer service line, toll free at 866-565-9357 to assist you.

Also, you may have been contacted by The Drink Tower company and/or Chad Baker. They offer a product similar to The Table Tapper®, but not such a product that meets our strict quality requirements. The TableTapper® comes with a lifetime warranty and pricing that cannot be beat! Obviously, the folks at The Drink Tower saw this as a big enough threat and decided to fraudulently steal valued customers from us.

Chad Baker and The Drink Tower decided it would be easier to pose as our President & CEO, Tony Alberti, to steal leads instead of earn them the old fashioned way, through hard work and dedication. Instead, Baker had our leads sent to him digitally at the false email address he set up. The authorities were able to trace this email address back to Baker. A criminal investigation has been launched by the FBI in Bloomington, Indiana. At this time we are reviewing and pursuing remedies allowed to us under the law.

We ask that if you receive a call or literature from The Drink Tower and/ or Chad Baker that you consider the above facts in making your purchasing decision.

The people at The Table Tapper® would like to inform you that we are doing everything in our power legally and ethically to ensure that this type of business practice is not tolerated. We pride ourselves on conducting business in an ethical and straightforward method. You will always be able to trust us.

If you have any questions or concerns about this matter please feel free to visit our website www.tabletappers.com for more information or contact us toll free at 866-565-9357. Thank you.


The Table Tapper® Staff

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