What is The Table Tapper®?
Tapping into a whole new area of the beverage industry, the Table Tapper is the first beverage dispenser to mix the splendor of drinking with the entertainment of bartending – all within arms reach. The Table Tapper is a clear, three-foot narrow vessel that allows beer aficionados to dispense and distribute 116 ounces, or roughly six pint-size servings, of beer at a time. Now bar patrons do not have to wait for refills.

How does it work?
The Table Tapper comes in four parts: A tube, a faucet, a cap, and a portable base. First, fill your Table Tapper tube from a standard dispenser (keg) or from bottles. Once filled, the vertical tube is carried over to the base where you will lock it into place for all members of your group to take turns serving their own drink.

What’s the advantage over a jug or pitcher for a bar owner?
First off, it looks a lot more impressive and attracts attention. Secondly, it empties faster: Everyone wants to have a go at pulling the tap and watching that level go down! Since it holds 116 ounces, you are selling more servings per order than you would if they simply ordered a pitcher.

Is it hygienic?
Yes, it is very hygienic. No part ever comes in contact with the user's mouth. All components, including the faucet are easy for you to clean and are dishwasher safe. If necessary, you can completely and easily disassemble your Table Tapper for washing. All parts are constructed of materials approved for food use. We do recommend that you rinse your Table Tapper between every use to ensure cleanliness.

Is it tricky to carry when full?
The Table Tapper is easy to carry when full. Weighing only 11 lbs. when filled to capacity, simply place one hand beneath the tube and the other around the top of the tube and you will be able to carry your Table Tapper with ease and safety.

How do you clean the Table Tapper®?
Simply rinse the tube portion of your Table Tapper thoroughly and run some warm soapy water through the faucet. If your Table Tapper will fit, it is completely dishwasher safe. You can also use a brush on the inside of the tube.

Does the drink get warm?
The Table Tapper will keep your beverage cold. The plastic tube is engineered from an ultra-dense polycarbonate plastic. This special plastic is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and also acts as a natural insulator. The Ice Wand can also be purchased to ensure all drinks remain cold for a longer period of time.

How Durable is the Table Tapper®?
The Table Tapper's plastic tube is engineered from an ultra-dense polycarbonate plastic – using a similar mixture to the one used in bulletproof shields, the Table Tapper is virtually indestructible. We are confident that the Table Tapper is tough to break – that’s why each unit purchased comes with a limited-lifetime warranty.

How stable is it?
Because the weight of the drink is directly above the center of gravity of the Table Tapper®, it is difficult to knock over accidentally.

What else can the TableTapper® be used for?

Can the Table Tapper® be branded?
Yes, we have created a patented branding method that is going to blow you away! Contact us for details on how our new branding system will work for you.

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