Every year over six billion gallons of beer is consumed in the United Sates alone.

Tap into your share of the market!

The Table Tapper® holds 116 Ounces of ice cold beer, sodas, shots, cocktails, or wine - That’s more than double the servings of a standard pitcher! The Table Tapper supplies over six servings per fill to the consumer right at their table and allows them to pour their own drinks.

Tapping into a whole new area in the beverage industry, The Table Tapper® is the first device of its kind to increase profits for restaurant and bar owners while mixing the splendor of drinking with the entertainment of bartending - all within arms reach.

The Table Tapper will serve everyone at the table in one short trip. You will sell more beer, mixed drinks, cocktails or any other beverage per order than ever before increasing your profit margins drastically!

The Table Tapper will also eliminate your wait staffs need to make numerous trips back and forth to the bar. This will allow the wait staff more time to provide extra attention to customer service and satisfaction.

Standing almost three feet tall, the Table Tapper's plastic tube is constructed of a polycarbonate mixture - the same material used in bulletproof shields - making it virtually indestructible. This particular plastic is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and also acts as a natural insulator, keeping the beer or beverage of choice colder for a longer period of time - making it superior to a standard plastic pitcher.

The Table Tapper accommodates restaurant clientele, bar patrons or a group of friends gathered at home. It’s an innovative drinking device savvy enough for city-scene hipsters and practical enough for your average Joe!

Retail: $99.00
ON SALE NOW: $89.00

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